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Social Media Lessons from The Travel Camel


While traveling the Pamir Highway, we met a group of travel bloggers led by The Travel Camel, Shane Dallas. Originally from Australia, Shane now lives in Kenya and is the founder of the weekly twitter chat #TRLT (The Road Less Traveled). He has about 8K followers on Instagram and over 54K followed on Twitter. The group he led were comprised of an intimate group of travel bloggers from all over the world: Australia, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Germany, and the US. We first met them at the Horse Festival in Murghab and then ended up at the same home stay with them in Lake Karakol.
They were friendly, deeply passionate about travel, and very welcoming to us. We learned a great deal from them, it was like a Master Class in social media and travel blogging so I thought we’d jot it down in case it may be useful for others. 
First with the exception of one individual, this was a older group compared to our own demographic, primarily in their 40s-50s. A majority made their income through travel blogging and only one couple did it for pleasure. They seem to be the “first wave” of travel bloggers and are reaching an older demographic than what we represent as we target primarily late 20s to 30s.
Second, we aren’t looking at making travel blogging / social media our careers, we’re just doing this to learn a new skill during our gap year. Most of the advice they gave us were focused on building your social media presence into income that could support you in the long term. We also took this into account when considering which of this advice to follow.
With that said here is what we learned:

So that’s what we learned in a nutshell. We are very new to this- just one month in. Would love a dialogue here on which of the above works or doesn’t work for you as well as other strategies that have been effective in growing a travel blog.
Thanks for checking this out!

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