It’s become our tradition that after a grueling hike we typically find a quiet place to base ourselves for a few days. After our Toubkal hike, we found our little slice of paradise in Imlil.

The Boutique Heritage Home in Patan was exactly what we needed to relax after our Everest Base Camp trek. The hotel was recommended by Meena Sherpa who runs Sherpa Society and arranged our Everest Base Camp Hike.

Quan relaxing in the garden

We had stayed in Thamel, Kathmandu when we first arrived in Nepal two weeks earlier. Thamel is a tourist hub that people typically stay in when they arrive in Kathmandu, it’s a bustling, crowded and noisy area filled with lots of restaurants and outdoor clothing shops, but not a place to relax. The ancient Newari kingdoms was split into 3 kingdoms in the Kathmandu Valley which were Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan. Each kingdom was centered around their own Durbar Square.  Durbar Square is the generic name used to describe plazas and areas opposite the old royal palaces in Nepal. They consists of temples, idols, open courts, water fountains and are typically at the center of town.

Boutique Heritage Home is in Patan, about 20 minutes from Kathmandu, and about a 2 minute walk from Patan’s Durbar Square, which is filled with really good restaurants (we found to be better than Thamel’s restaurants) and shops, but off the beaten path of most tourists.  When we arrived at the hotel we went straight to the garden and relaxed there. The hotel’s garden is like a quiet oasis in the middle of the City with these huge Pomelo fruits growing on trees. Afterwards the owner Naveen, gave us a tour. The hotel has been in his family’s possession for over 150 years.  Previously, several generations lived within the grounds.  He had renovated it a couple of years earlier preserving the ancient architectural beauty while updating the interior with modern facilities.  Today he, his wife, and daughter still call Boutique Heritage Home their home. He showed us all the balconies, roof decks and old family artwork. The best part about this hotel was that the internet was super fast (we had not had fast internet in months). We completely caught up on our blog as well as our sleep.

Jesse enjoying the view from the balcony

Jesse chatting with Naveen in one of the rooms he showed us

Anyway we want to thank Naveen and the staff who were so nice to us as we lounged around here for a few days and caught up on our blog (and allowed us to eat some of the Pomelo’s growing in the garden).

Old family pictures of the house

It was a unique experience to live in an old family home that has been so beautifully restored. It was a perfect way to end our time in Nepal!

We would recommend this to anyone particularity digital nomads looking for fast wifi, this is the perfect place to unwind and recover from hectic Kathmandu or the physically demanding Himalayas!