We plan to take anywhere from six months  to a year off to travel. Here is our bucket list. We plan to do the trip in 2-3 segments. Quan is finishing a year long course at New Venture West to get her Integral Coaching certification so we will return to San Francisco twice during our sabbatical for her course work.

SEGMENT ONE: USA, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, & Europe

SEGMENT TWO: Asia, Africa, and Latin America

  • China & the Great Wall of China
  • Mongolia: Gobi Desert 
  • Sri Lanka, Nepal, India
    • Sri Lanka: Ayurveda treatments, train through the country side, tea plantations, hikes
    • Nepal: Everest Base Camp, Pokhara (one of Quan’s favorite place), and time to relax in Kathmandu
  • Africa: TBD – Jan 1/ Jan 16 – Plan are a shot in the dark now, so welcome suggestions!
    • Namibia: Basically everything Quan’s sister Phi and her husband Matt did during their shabbatical 
    • Zanzibar: So Quan can check out the surf shop/ yoga studio of Maria who she did a retreat with in Tanzania 4 years ago
    • The rest is wide open, we’ve booked two different refundable low cost tickets for the Africa to LATAM leg with departure from Jo’burg.  Whenever we figure out how to do polling on this blog, we will open a poll for suggestions!
  • Latin America: Jan 1/ Jan 16 – Feb 20
    • #1 on the list is Patagonia: lots of planning here still, but this may take the entire time in LATAM as we plan to do the W trek.
    • Lots of Wine & Coffee Drinking (if time permits): TBD
  • San Francisco:  Feb 20- TBD
    • The 4th and last session  of Quan’s NVW course and when she will interview for her coaching certification!! (More napping & outdoor hikes for Jesse)


It’s too far ahead to tell from here. We know that we don’t want to take more than a year off, so this will probably be when we both start looking for opportunities.  We may also be tired of traveling by then and may want to find a place to settle (hopefully in South East Asia!) and build a home.  We also love the idea of spending 3 months in Latin America to learn Spanish before we both return to work. Time will tell with this!