Africa / Namibia / Roadtrip By On February 1, 2018

Etosha National Park – Guide to Planning Your Visit

Etosha National Park is one of the most visited places in Namibia and for good reason.  This was the second stop on our two week Namibia roadtrip. There’s nothing like it.  Etosha is filled with all the animals in a safari dream: zebras, giraffes, elephants, antelopes, wildebeests, and even the rare lions, leopards and cheetahs. It is also one of…

Namibia / Roadtrip By On January 31, 2018

Two Week Namibia Roadtrip

We are on our 6th month traveling around the world. At the end of each leg, we compare our rankings of experiences from the trip. For both, our two week Namibia Roadtrip ranks at the very top.  Click Here to see our video/comedy routine of our own Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard’s Africa video from our 2 weeks in Namibia…