Wakhan Valley: Pamir Highway Day 4

You can watch the video summary of Day 4 here.  We left Murgab with the goal of heading towards Wakhan Valley and our first glimpse of Afghanistan today. We started the day with some roadside cheese:   Enroute to Wakhan Valley we asked Abdi to make a slight detour to a town called Bash Gumbaz, … Continue reading Wakhan Valley: Pamir Highway Day 4


Pshart Valley Hike: Pamir Highway Day 3

The short video summary of Day 3 is here. We both woke up around 7:00 AM and had a good breakfast of 2 egg with flatbread (flatbread has been a staple on every meal we've had since entering Kyrgystan). Abdi came by around 9:00 AM to take us to exchange for Tajik money and then … Continue reading Pshart Valley Hike: Pamir Highway Day 3

Lake Tolpur to Murgab: Pamir Highway Day 2

You can watch the highlights of our second day on the Pamir Highway here.​​ We both woke early around 4:30 AM. Jesse set off for Peak Lenin base camp. Peak Lenin is known as the worlds most accessible 7000er, but notorious for highly volatile weather. We were lucky to be there on a clear two … Continue reading Lake Tolpur to Murgab: Pamir Highway Day 2

The Pamir Highway

When we first started planning our Shabbatical, we knew we wanted to spend time in Central Asia exploring "The 'Stans." We both knew very little about the region except that it's the road less traveled and offered amazing access to nature. In our own experiences we have found that is often when we do things … Continue reading The Pamir Highway

Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan Border Crossing

We had an evening flight from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Osh where we would start our Pamir Highway and allocated a day for traveling from Alamaty to Bishkek.  There are several options for the Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan border crossing from Almaty. Here are those options listed from most expensive to cheapest: There is a daily flight … Continue reading Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan Border Crossing