Our friends Helen and David are on a multi year sailing trip around the world where they race regattas in ports around the world. They started their trip in Phuket, Thailand and have thus far covered the South Pacific, Southern Africa and Latin America. With their boat tucked away on the Caribbean for next year’s racing season they proposed to meet us for a road trip together. After tossing around several options in the Caucasus, we settled on a road trip across Morocco. We thought it would be fun to first meet in Spain and do the crossing from Europe into North Africa.
Here is the summary of the trip

Road-tripping across Morocco is something we would not have done on our own. Quan is a terrible driver and wouldn’t have been able to help with covering the long distances. With David and Helen we had amazing company and a rotation of 3 competent drivers to make our way across the country as well as 1 reliable napper in the back seat. It allowed us time to see the parts of Morocco that tour buses don’t stop at and gave us wonderful memories of an epic trip together!

Here is our route together:

malaga to imlil

We were originally planning to drive to Marrakesh with David and Helen, before they headed back to Spain to meet with other friends. However the little village of Imlil stole our hearts so we said goodbye to our friends a day early and made Imlil home for a few days.

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